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Prop Closet

We are always looking for items to assist in our classes and performances. If you can donate any of the items below it would really be appreciated. Thank you for all your help!

  1. lace /straw umbrellas (child size)
  2. white gloves (child size)
  3. Easter bonnets/hat (child size)
  4. tutus/dance skirts
  5. musical instruments (tambourines, maracas, triangles, drums, rhythm sticks, jingle bells)
  6. thin yoga mats
  7. stickers
  8. colored masking tape
  9. ballet barres 9free standing)
  10. child size tee-shirts (all colors)
  11. tiaras/crowns (all types)
  12. dance scarves
  13. bean bags
  14. foam swim tubes
  15. stuffed animals/dolls
  16. colored ribbon
  17. blank cds
  18. princess wands
  19. Santa Hats
  20. Seasonal decorations (lights, card board decorations ect.)
  21. crawling tunne1
  22. traffic cones
  23. large parachute

Please mail your donations to:

Kerry Bevens
10411 Brookside Road
Pleasant Valley, NY 12569

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