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Dance Classes for Everyone!

Classes for 2 Months to Adults!

Music and Movement Mixer                          Ages Crawlers- age 4 (with Caregiver) 

Jump for Joy!                                                   Ages 2.5-3

 Magnificent Moving Kidz                               Ages 3-4

A.I.M. (Artistry in Motion)  Dance for Kidz     Ages 4.5-7

Pre-Ballet                                                         Ages 3-4 

Pre-Ballet / Tap                                              Ages 6-7

Elementary Tap  I/II                                     Ages 6-10

Hip Hop                                                              Ages 7+

Ballet   Levels I-III                                        Ages 6+

Keep on Dancing                                             Ages 18+

Adult Ballet                                                      Ages 18+

Adult Tap                                                           Ages 18+

Adult Yoga                                                        Ages 18+

Zumba                                                                Ages 18+


To provide a fun and educational environemt to learn the art of dance.  Dance instruction is offered at a high level for dancers of all ages and abilities with a creative appraoch to our classes.

To emphasize that learning and dance are fun and exciting!   Dance From the Heart takes a brain-based approach to learning.  We use stories, themes, and drama as part of the total learning experience.  Students learn discipline and art forms through visual, auditory, tactile, and vocal learning methods.  We use special props and music to help enhance learning.

To bulid self-confidence.  Dancers are encouraged to be proud of their abilities and accomplishments and to be confident in themselves.  Dancers are provided with outlets to perform for others.

Provide families with the opportunity to share in their dancer's dreams and accomplishments, and to honor their efforts, determination, and success.




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